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Unemployment rates drop in every county across Tennessee

From Local 3 News: The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development released the state-wide unemployment numbers for August, which show that every county in the state lowered their rate of unemployment.

Eighty-nine of the state’s 95 counties saw recorded rates below 5%, while the remaining six counties came in with rates higher than 5%, but less than 10%.

Williamson County’s unemployment rate was the lowest in Tennessee during August. At 2.3%, the county’s rate dropped by 0.3 of a percentage point from its July figure of 2.6%.

Cheatham County came in with the state’s second-lowest rate for the month at 2.5%, a 0.3 of a percentage point drop when compared to the previous month.

Perry County recorded the state’s highest jobless number for the month at 5.6%. Its new rate accounted for a 0.7 of a percentage point drop from its July rate of 6.3%.

Bledsoe County had the second-highest jobless rate in August at 5.4% but its rate dropped by 0.7 of a percentage point for the month. With the third-highest rate, Shelby County’s new figure of 5.3% was down 0.7 of a percentage point from its July rate.

Statewide, seasonally adjusted unemployment did inch up in August. It was the first increase after three consecutive months of a steady rate. It went from 3.3% to 3.4% between July and August.

Nationally, seasonally adjusted unemployment increased slightly between July and August, up 0.2 of a percentage point to 3.7%.

County unemployment rates are not seasonally adjusted to account for different impacts on the workforce.