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Update: TVA Announces Rolling Power Outages

Update: Cleveland Utilities has currently stopped the rolling blackouts. TVA has ended Step 50.

Due to the unusually cold temperatures in our area, TVA has announced rolling power outages for our area. This is due to the high electric load being placed on the grid. The outages will last approximately 15 minutes each.

This will affect customers using Cleveland utility customers.

Volunteer Electric Cooperation will not currently be taking part in the rolling blackout, instead, they are asking customers to use as little energy as possible.

Statement from TVA:
“Right now, our power-generating fleet is meeting the power demand across our seven-state service region during this cold air blast! Nuclear, hydro, combined-cycle natural gas, coal, and renewables work together with our highly reliable high-voltage transmission system, supplying your local power company with low-cost electricity, keeping you and your family warm, and the holiday lights on. ”