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Troy Weather Responds To His Decision to Resign As Bradley BOE Chairman

We were joined by the Bradley County Board of Education Chairman Wednesday morning after his recent resignation as the Board Chairman. Original

We were joined by the Bradley County Board of Education Chairman Wednesday morning after his recent resignation as the Board Chairman.

Troy Weathers Response

Original Story:

On Tuesday, State Senator Mike Bell introduced a resolution in the state Senate to call for Bradley County Board of Education members Troy Weathers and Rodney Dillard to immediately vacate their seats on the school board, because Senator Bell said they have moved out of the districts they represent.

The resolution directs 10th Judicial District Attorney Steve Crump to file a “quo warranto” to declare that two sitting members of the Bradley County School Board, Troy Weathers and Rodney Dillard, have “forfeited their seats by moving outside their districts.”

Bell said The law also states once a seat is vacated it must be filled by the county legislative body at the next regular meeting or at a special meeting of the body. 

A news release from Bradley County Schools stated that the Board members consulted with the Tennessee School Boards Association and the Bradley County School Board attorney. Both the attorneys for TSBA and the school board advised that the language of Tenn. Code Ann. 49-2-202(a)(4) states “if any member ceases to reside in the county, the office of the member shall become vacant.” This statute does not provide that a Board member loses his seat from leaving the district that elected him.

It is the job of the government and the courts to follow the law as it’s written. Based on the plain reading of the law, these Board members believed they could continue to serve the people of Bradley County and fulfill their elected terms. Within that same vein, no one in the County government advised these Board members that they could no longer serve.

Nevertheless, because both of these Board members value the work being done in Bradley County Schools, they have decided to resign their positions to allow the Board of Education to continue their good work ahead. Troy Weathers and Rodney Dillard were acting in good faith but chose to step down so students can remain at the center of our mission and not on political controversy.

In response to the resignations, Senator Bell told Mix 104-1 News: “I’m glad both Dillard and Weathers have decided to follow the law and resign though I would add they don’t have to resign. The law is clear. Their seats were vacated on the day they moved from their respective districts.”

Senator Bell and Board member Weathers will join us this morning at 7am in Mix 104.1 and mixtv.tv.