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Thursday, August 13th

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In news today…

The Cleveland Police Department is reminding motorists that school is back in session and to follow traffic laws to protect students as they make their way to school each day.

As of January 2018, Tennessee law prohibits any person from operating a motor vehicle in any marked school zone in the state where a warning flasher or flashers are in operation, as well as talking on a hand-held mobile device while their vehicle is in motion.

Violation of the law is a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $50.

In addition, cellphone communication is only allowed if it is used as a hands-free device for drivers 18 years old and older.

A driver under 18 is breaking the law if  talking on a hands-free or handheld device, while driving through an active school zone.

CPD urges motorists to be vigilant of flashing lights and posted speed limits, while traveling through school zones. Look for crossing guards who are directing traffic and slow down.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

Kaitlin Gebby reports: A Vanderbilt University analysis of Tennessee COVID-19 hospitalization data shows a stark contrast in the number of hospitalized patients in counties with mask mandates compared to those only recommending face coverings.

Mask-wearing in Bradley County is not required, though many businesses and some school districts have created private mandates to ensure face coverings are worn. 

On Tuesday, another three deaths were confi rmed in Bradley County, bringing the total to 15. Active cases have slightly decreased. From Sunday, when 625 active cases were reported, the county now has 583 active cases of COVID-19, according to Tennessee Department of Health data. 

Since March, Bradley County has recorded 1,991 cases of COVID-19 and 1,393 recoveries. 

From NewsChannel 9…

Donna McDermott is taking over the legacy of late Walter Goode.

He passed away last month and as a former black mayor, Donna says he was one of her greatest supporters and inspirations.

Charleston is a town where 700 people call home and it’s where history has been made over and over.

She’ll be the first black, female mayor, in Charleston.

McDermott has been the vice mayor of Charleston for 20 years.