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TN Department of Education Releases District-Level TCAP Average Scores for 3rd grade ELA

The Tennessee Department of Education released district-level TCAP average scores for third-grade English Language Arts yesterday.

As we previously reported, according to a new state law that will go into effect this year, 60% of Tennessee’s 3rd-grade students will either have to retake the test, go to summer school or appeal the decision based on state-wide performance on the Spring 2023 TCAP test. 

We now know, with the release of the district-level data,  how our local school systems performed on the test and the percentage of local 3rd graders that will be promoted to the 4th grade. 

Here are the local school district performances on the TCAP 3rd grade English Language Arts test. These are the percentages of 3rd graders that met or exceeded state proficiency. 

Cleveland City Schools- 32.62% 

McMinn County Schools- 32.71%

Polk County Schools- 36.84%

Rhea County Schools- 39.68%

Athens City Schools- 43.16%

Megis County Schools- 41.44%

Bradley County Schools- 47.75%

Dayton City Schools- 49.29%

Some students were eligible to retake the TCAP test this week. Locally, when the retake scores and the exemptions to the new state law are taken into consideration, Cleveland City Schools say they expect 85%-87% of 3rd graders will be eligible to move on to the 4th grade. In the Bradley County Schools System, officials expect that number to approach 90%. Both school systems also believe those percentages will grow once some parents utilize the appeal process with the Tennessee Department of Education over the summer. 

Dr. Russell Dyer, Cleveland City Schools Director released a statement to WCLE that read in part “We have witnessed the tremendous dedication and hard work of our teachers and staff who are invested in our interventions and one-on-one support programs. We remain committed to providing the best educational opportunities for all our students and I am beyond proud of the progress they have made this academic year.”

Dr. Linda Cash, Director of Bradley County Schools, also commented to WCLE saying “Bradley County Schools are excited to report that with the hard work of our teachers and families and when combining our test scores and allowed exemptions, BCS will be over the 90th percentile in students moving to 4th grade. We look forward to working with our families to support all student learning. Our schools and staff are committed to providing the necessary support and resources to help every child succeed.”