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Tennesseans to vote for ‘Right to Work’ amendment next month

From Local 3 News…

Voters in Tennessee will decided on whether or not to make an existing state law a constitutional amendment when they head to the polls next month.


Among the four possible amendments on the ballot is one that would make the ‘right to work’ an actual right in Tennessee’s constitution.


The law is already on the books in Tennessee, but voters in the general election on November 8 will have the option to put it into the state’s constitution as an amendment.


The law bans employer’s discrimination on the basis of an employee’s union membership status. It does not allow an employer to require employees to become a union member in order to work for them, and it also does not allow an employer to fire someone for becoming a member of a union.


More than 50% of people who vote in the state’s governor’s race would have to approve the amendment in order for it to be adopted.