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TennCare: Nearly 300k Tennesseans likely to lose coverage this year

From NewsChannel 9: Nearly 300,000 Tennesseans who enrolled in Medicaid during the COVID pandemic could lose their coverage this year. State officials will now be allowed, by law, to remove people from the government-funded health insurance program.


A spokesperson for TennCare, Tennessee’s Medicaid program, said this week that no removals will occur until April 1ST. However, the redetermination process will begin in March.


Across the U.S., state officials are preparing to comb through their Medicaid rolls after Congress agreed late last year to sunset a COVID-19 public health emergency requirement that prohibited states from removing people from Medicaid.


As a result, millions are expected to be removed from the program. Under the proposal, the federal government will also wind down extra funds given to states for the added enrollees over the next year.


In Tennessee, officials say they will use email, text, phone calls, and other methods to alert Medicaid recipients of their enrollment status.


According to TennCare officials,  renewal packets will be sent out on April 6 to people who couldn’t automatically renew. Those members will have 40 days to respond. Meanwhile, anyone deemed ineligible will receive a 20-day termination notice.