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So You Say You’re Married: Small Business Series EP1 | The Perfect Gift for Your Man

The Perfect Gift for Your Man

Welcome to video 1 in my small series of videos that showcase small businesses that offer a huge bang for your buck! I wanted to kill two birds with one stone here. First, I want to help those of you that have a difficult partner to buy for – sometimes gifts just aren’t easy. Secondly, these episodes were/are produced during the Christmas season so you get great deals from some amazing people. And thirdly, I want to help support everyone through these weird pandemic times and this is my way of contributing. So, without further ado, let’s learn more about shaving with quality products from the mast himself!

I’m so excited to introduce you to shaving extraordinaire J. Michael Cobb aka Dr. Mike. I met Dr. Mike at a local nerd convention here in Chattanooga about 3 years ago. I’ve been a geek my whole life and frequent this convention every year. He and his lovely wife were dressed in steampunk regalia and rockin’ it! They’re charming charismatic personalities just resonated – you can’t help but immediately love them. At the time, my husband had JUST started using an old safety razor when shaving instead of the bix box multi-blades so I decided to grab a gift for him at Dr. Mike’s booth. And I’m so glad I did! We’ve been avid patrons of his ever since. His products are of amazing quality; the service he offers his clients is unheard of in today’s times – he really goes above and beyond; he’s absolutely delightful to boot.

Fast forward to today. I want to share Dr. Mike with you because it’s hard to go wrong with the gift of shaving – especially when the products smell and feel amazing. AND! He and his wife run this business together. Their relationship dynamic is one to be very proud of. I believe it’s important to showcase that side of his business, too, which leads us to this cheery, fun, anecdotal episode about shaving escapades, delicious old-fashioneds, and fabulous products. Check it out! I know you’ll fall in love with this couple just like I have!



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