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So You Say You’re Married S1.E10 – What is Self Awareness

Save Your Marriage From Yourself – 4 Tips to Become More Self-Aware

We’re all guilty of tunnel vision. We tend to get lost in the weeds and forget the big picture when we’re too close to a situation. That’s especially common when we have to identify and ADMIT faults within ourselves. Picking out others’ faults without recognizing our own is one of the TOP reasons why lots of relationships fail. Even if we’re willing to work on personal development doesn’t mean we always know what to look for or where the problems really lie.

So how do we fix this? What do we need to do to discover where we need help the most?

 That’s what this episode of ‘So You Say You’re Married’ is all about. I explain what self-awareness means, why it’s valuable, and how being self-aware can save your marriage. It’s not an easy road, but nothing worth doing ever is.

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