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So You Say You’re Married S1.E6 – Inspiring Thyme Part 1

What IS Marriage Coaching? – Inspiring Thyme Interview with Amber Card Part 1

It’s interview time!

Recently I was privileged to be a guest on a delightfully entertaining lifestyle podcast called Grounded by Inspiring Thyme. Amber and Christopher Card are a perfect example of #relationshipgoals and it was such an enjoyable experience speaking with Amber!

In this episode, we cover what marriage coaching actually is, how it’s different from traditional forms of marriage counseling or therapy, how to get started with me as your coach, and so much more. Amber is very honest and real about her marriage with Christopher as a military wife and gives excellent advice on how to overcome struggles that most military couples face.

This is a fun, cheeky episode packed full of helpful information and entertainment. AND! It’s only Part 1! That’s right – there’s more to come.

For more clever lifestyle tips, grilling techniques and recipes, and gorgeous DIY home decor ideas check out Amber and Chris on the Inspiring Thyme blog and their Grounded podcast!

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