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So You Say You’re Married S1.E12 – Money, Marriage, and Manifestation

Money, Marriage, and Manifestation: Interview with Shannon Garrison Negi

If you’ve been on the internet AT ALL in the last 6 months, you’ve heard someone mention ‘manifestation’ and that somehow it connects you to your dream life. But what exactly IS manifestation and HOW do you manifest a dream life? Money doesn’t grow on trees – it takes work to gain, right? So why are all these people talking about manifesting x ,y, or z?

Taking it a step further, what does this have to do with your marriage? If anyone could pull an ‘I Dream of Genie’ and manifest the perfect life, everyone would be doing. So why does everyone talk about it like it’s a walk in the park?  That’s what Shannon and I discuss in this interview. We answer all of these questions and more as we dive into what manifestation really means. We go over the mindset work you need to do to be a manifester and create the marriage, life, and bank account you’ve always wanted.

Shannon Garrison Negi is an expert in removing money blocks for female entrepreneurs so they can attract ideal clients – but her tools can be applied to every aspect of life. We discuss how a manifestation mindset gets you through the toughest obstacles in life – including a spouse that thinks you’ve lost your mind.

 We’re giving away tools that are usually only reserved for our clients, so take advantage of this episode. There are golden nuggets in here that you shouldn’t live without.

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