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Smart Factory Institute

Mary Beth Hudson joined us to discuss the upcoming Smart Factory Institute event on September 9. The focus is Women in Manufacturing.

Learn more about the event and how you can attend online at https://www.womeninmanufacturing.org/events/wim-tn-al-and-ga–industry-40-impact-on-women

Learn about the Smart Factory Institute online https://www.peakperformanceinc.com/

The industry-changing impacts of Industry 4.0 advancements can only be fully realized when there are corresponding changes in the manufacturing workforce. In general, these impacts are likely to be seen and experienced in terms of changes to the design of manufacturing work, the manufacturing worker experience, critical worker knowledge, skill, ability, and competency requirements, and numerous other talent management considerations involving talent acquisition, retention, and training/development needs.

Join the Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama Chapters of Women in Manufacturing for a networking event at Smart Factory Institute. Hear a presentation on the positive impacts of Industry 4.0 technologies on women in manufacturing from Mary Beth Hudson, Executive Consulting Director of Smart Factory Institute, Peak Performance Inc. Save your spot to hear welcome remarks from your regional Chapter Leaders, tour the Smart Factory Institute and to network with other attendees and WiM members! Lunch is included with in-person registration.

Join us virtually or in person!Cost to Attend:
WiM Member (In-Person) = $45
Nonmember (In-person) = $60
Table of Eight (In-person) = $300
WiM Member (Virtual – Welcome & Presentation Only) = $30
Nonmembers (Virtual – Welcome & Presentation Only) = $40

Details & Registration