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Security guard charged with reckless endangerment after accidental shooting at Erlanger

From Local 3 News: We reported on a Friday incident at Erlanger Hospital where a Walden Security Guard accidentally shot another security guard. The two guards were commonly known to joke around, which sometimes involved one guard drawing his weapon on the other. In Friday’s incident, Jayce Jenkins pulled his weapon after Ryan Howard pretended to kick Jenkins in a playful way. After Jenkins pulled his weapon, it discharged.


Investigators say Jenkins usually releases the magazine in this case, and was most likely not aware there was a bullet in the chamber before pulling the trigger. Jenkins did not intend to injure Howard.


On Monday, we reported Howard did not intend to prosecute based on multiple sources. However, we have since learned from Local 3 News that Howard does wish to press charges on Jenkins due to the negligence with a firearm, and Jenkins has been charged with Reckless Endangerment.