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School Board Meeting 10-10-22

The Cleveland City School Board held its October meeting at Stuart Elementary School yesterday. School Board members heard a presentation from a parent concerned about elementary school staffing, Mr. Chris berry voiced his concerns over the reallocation of teachers that took place after the semester had started. Mr. Berry discussed his concerns about the pressure this placed on students and teachers impacted by the change. 

It was also announced during the meeting that construction at Cleveland High School has begun on the front and CTE entrances. Students and visitors will use the Raider Arena Lobby as the entrance and exit of the school until construction is complete. 

Cleveland City Schools Director of Academics Autumn O’Brien discussed plans to comply with a law passed by the Tennessee General Assembly in January of 2021 that establishes clear action steps for students who fail to meet or exceed expectations on the English language art (ELA) portion of the third grade TCAP tests.  Along with the option to simply retake the test in the summer, students who score approaching expectations and want to progress to fourth grade must either attend a summer bridge camp or participate in tutoring throughout the fourth grade. Students who score below expectations must participate in both of these activities. 

Mrs. O’Brien explained to the board that the school system is currently identifying at-risk students. More data will be gathered and further discussions will be held as testing for the year approaches. 

Dr. Jeff Elliott, Chief of Staff, and Hal Taylor, Director of Operations, discussed the Educational Facilities Master Plan with the Board. The plan presented was a summary of the analysis that was completed by board approval in August. The plans explore a new Intermediate School (5th and 6th grade) and also discuss the existing capacity of Cleveland High School and propose a three-phase plan to meet projected capacity.  The full Facility Plan is available to the public at clevelandschools.org.