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Riverbend returns for its 40th year with some new features

From Local 3 News: One of Chattanooga's largest attractions returns to the Scenic City Friday, June 2nd, and will last until Sunday, June 4th.

From Local 3 News: One of Chattanooga’s largest attractions returns to the Scenic City Friday, June 2nd, and will last until Sunday, June 4th.


Riverbend Festival is celebrating 40 years of live entertainment in the City’s heart. This year they’re adding some new features.


Festival organizers say this year, no matter rain or shine, they want festivalgoers to be comfortable.


As temperatures reach the eighties tomorrow, organizers want guests to know they are prepared for extreme heat.


“I’m looking forward to more than anything to really make Chattanooga proud of Riverbend,” said Mickey McCamish, the Executive Director of Riverbend.


Mickey McCamish says festivalgoers will find more accommodations this year. One is in front of the Ultra stage, formerly the Bud Light stage is the installation of more than 20,000 sq ft of artificial grass.


McCamish says festivalgoers won’t have to worry about scorching their feet this year.


“Walk on the turf, see the turf, and see the festival and it gives you that opportunity on Friday to do that,” said McCamish.


He says festivalgoers can enjoy more shading in addition to the new turf.


While big names like “Maren Morris,” “Coin,” and “Goose” headline the event, there will also be some local talent hitting the stage.


“What is the type of music that Chattanooga wants to hear, and what can we offer that Chattanooga hasn’t heard,” McCamish asked. “Like some of the acts that we’ll see that are coming to Chattanooga as up-and-coming.”


He wants everyone to have a good time but says the safety of everyone will be a top priority.


Organizers are partnering with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of everyone.


Riverbend is what McCamish says makes Chattanooga stand out. He says people can expect a block party celebration like no other.


“Look at what’s changed in a year; it’s like going into the ocean. It gives you a chance to put your toe in the water, and you can come around, walk around, and see the festival,” he said. “See the new things that we have.”


McCamish says tickets are sold out on Saturday, but some tickets are still available for Friday and Sunday.


Gates open tomorrow at 4 pm, and the opening ceremony starts at 4:30 pm.