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Patrick Conley bound over to a grand jury

Judge Clay Collins has bound Patrick Conley over to a grand jury based on witness accounts from local law enforcement and EMS that testified in court on Wednesday, January 11.

Conley is being charged with 2 counts of vehicular homicide by intoxication, 3 counts of vehicular assault by intoxication, an open container violation, due care allegation, and a charge of not driving within your lane for the December 25 crash that took the lives of Brittany and Dustin Dillard.

Testimonies alleged that Conley was traveling 85 mph prior to impact, that both vehicles were turned over as a result of the crash, there were tire marks on the side of the jeep, and that there were beer cans laying in the road that was in a cooler inside of Conley’s Isuzu. Also noted during the testimony is that the Toxicology reports have not been completed.

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