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Ohh Yeah! Health and Fitness

We were joined in the mix studio by Ann Albert with Ohh Yeah! Health and Fitness. Learn more about them online at https://www.ohhyeahlife.com/

Ohh Yeah! Health+Fitness+Athletic Complex is a great health club located in Cleveland, TN. They offer a wide range of services including cardio classes, cycling classes, group fitness training, personal training, circuit training classes, dance classes, interval training/HIIT classes, strength training, and more. They also have a Wellness Center with Salt room Therapy, Pulse Electric Magnetic Field Therapy, Normatec Compression, Cryotherapy and Infra-red sauna therapy. Members have access to the steam room, hot tub sauna, and hot Sauna. They have Seca 514 for Body Impedance Analysis and personal trainers as well as certified Nutrition coaches for weight loss. Ohh Yeah! is open 24 hours a day, and they offer a VIP Guest privilege that you can add to your membership for $10. They also have a five-day free pass available on their website.