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Monday, May 8th

From the Tennova Healthcare Cleveland News Desk, here is your news for Monday, May 8th, on Mix 104-1 and Talk 101-3 The Buzz.

Our top story, from the Cleveland Daily Banner…

Testimony continued Friday in the murder trial of Jody Hughes, but motions presented in the middle of testimony could have possibly stopped, or at least delayed, further proceedings.

Hughes is on trial for the homicide of Tyler Worth in October 2015. The trial began on Tuesday following a suppression hearing Monday and continued into late Friday.

A long delay in the trial occurred as Hughes’ attorney, Wilton Marble, and Dallas Scott of the District Attorney’s office took time to discuss a motion that was to be filed by Marble.

Apparently, Marble said, Hughes was dissatisfied with his defense and he was wishing to file a motion to be withdrawn from the case.

Should Marble have been taken off the case, with the timing of the trial already being in the first week of testimony, Hughes would probably have to defend himself.

Judge Sandra Donaghy said that would be very tough for him, as he would be unable to touch evidence such as shovels and a pick axe, plus he would be unable to walk around the courtroom as other attorneys may.

Donaghy said she has seen the two have a difference of opinion, but for the most part, that has been able to be resolved with conferences between the two.

Donaghy denied the motion as she had a similar motion two days before. She said Hughes and Marble need to settle their differences and continue with the trial.

Also from the Banner…

“We very much appreciate him keeping his Cleveland State promise.”

With those words, Cleveland State President Dr. Bill Seymour introduced Gov. Bill Haslam as the commencement speaker for the Class of 2017 and lead the college into its second half-century of service.

Saturday’s ceremony marked the formal end of Cleveland State’s 50th anniversary, and the beginning of the next life’s chapter for the 467 students who received their degrees and certificates.

Haslam returned to the Cleveland campus after promising two years ago, as he greeted the first students to attend under the Tennessee Promise program, he would return to speak at their graduation.

Three special honors were also presented during the commencement exercises.

Dr. Victoria Bryan was awarded the Distinguished Faculty Award; Dr. Robert Brandon was presented the Distinguished Staff Award; and Haley Hodgson received the Distinguished Student Award.

The Cleveland Daily Banner reports…

An $11 million lawsuit was filed the last week of April naming Bradley County, Sheriff Eric Watson and BCSO Corrections Supervisor Capt. Gabe Thomas, along with three others, as responsible parties in the death in April 2016 of Billy Joe Rogers.

Rogers, who was 38 at the time of his death, died at the Bradley County Justice Center in what Chattanooga attorney John Wolfe called “a homicide.” Wolfe is representing Rogers’ family in the lawsuit.

Wolfe said the conditions at the county jail, along with actions there, led to Rogers’ death.

It is not known if the parties named in the suit have received the filed papers yet, but Wolfe said they should soon, if not already.

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