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Monday, May 22nd

From the Tennova Healthcare Cleveland News Desk, here is your news for Monday, May 22nd, on Mix 104-1 and Talk 101-3 The Buzz.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

The trial date has been set for the man accused of causing the traffic accident which took the life of Ashlyn Lambert two years ago.

Cody Judd was allegedly driving a logging truck north on U.S. Highway 11 (North Lee Highway) when he struck a vehicle driven by Lambert, 17 at the time of the wreck, who had just graduated from Bradley Central High School and had plans to attend Lee University. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident near the intersection of North Lee Highway and Tasso Road.

Judd was eventually charged in the case, and has since been out on bond pending his next hearing.

According to the Tenth Judicial District Attorney General’s office, the next hearing for Judd is set for Aug. 7th, which will be a status hearing.

A trial for the Decatur man will follow the next day, with Circuit Court Judge Andrew Freiberg presiding.

Also from The Banner…

There have been 11 overdose deaths in the first four months of 2017, almost half the number of 2016. While not directly attributed to a drug being seen nationwide called fentanyl, local authorities say it could be the cause of some of those deaths.

Fentanyl is a pain killer, just like any other drug used for chronic pain. It is very powerful, with different potency levels including one that is used as a pain killer for elephants.

According to information on the drug, when sold alone or mixed with heroin it may be sold on the street by the names Apache, China Girl, China White, Dance Fever, Friend, Goodfella, Jackpot, Murder 8, TNT, and Tango and Cash.

There are currently court cases for those selling fentanyl, and other cases are being investigated for the possibility of fentanyl being involved in drug transactions. District Attorney General Steve Crump said fentanyl is a Schedule II narcotic, as it is a highly addictive drug. Crump said if anyone sells the drug and the buyer dies, it is very possible the seller can be charged with more than selling the fentanyl.

It is important for drug dealers to know the consequences they may face if they do sell fentanyl or drugs laced with fentanyl. Officials especially want to stress the dangers to anyone who may be looking to use or experiment with narcotics. They hope this will help decrease the amount of overdose deaths in Bradley County.

The Cleveland Daily Banner reports…

Cleveland and Bradley County veterans and veteran organizations are gearing up for this year’s Memorial Day celebration on the steps of the courthouse.

Air Force Col. (ret.) Charles Murray will be the guest speaker. Murray enlisted in the Air Force in 1970, after high school, and served as an aerospace Control and Warning Specialist. He was with the 776 Radar Squadron at Point Arena Air Station in California and with the 623rd Squadron in Miyako Jima, Okinawa.

This year’s program will begin on Monday, May 29th, at 10:30AM.

This has been your local and state news. You can get news anytime by visiting our website, mymix1041.com, powered by Pioneer Credit. From the Tennova Healthcare Cleveland News Desk, this is Jeremy Gault reporting.

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