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Monday, August 20th

Here is today's news on mymix1041.com, sponsored by Toyota of Cleveland: In news today… The Tennessee Department of Education has released the 2017-

Here is today’s news on mymix1041.com, sponsored by Toyota of Cleveland:

In news today…

The Tennessee Department of Education has released the 2017-2018 Tennessee Value Added Assessment System scores that measure student growth over time to districts and schools.

Bradley County Schools Director of Schools Dr. Linda Cash is pleased to report that the system’s District Level Overall Composite score is a level 4. Level 4 is considered above average effectiveness where there is moderate evidence that students are making more progress than the Standard for Academic Growth. This is the third year in a row the district has posted a score that is above average since beginning with the new and more rigorous TNReady Assessments.

The system also scored a Level 5 for literacy, as well as literacy and numeracy combined. This means students outpaced their peers. Only four other districts in the Southeast Core Region had a higher overall growth composite score.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

Aiming to decrease emergency room patient wait times, Tennova-Cleveland has implemented a “30 Minutes or Less” emergency room service pledge.

The program began last Monday.

According to a Tennova CEO Coleman Foss, the program is being launched “to assure patients we’re dedicated not only to offering quality care, but also to providing care as efficiently and quickly as possible.”

Foss said the hospital will track patient wait times to ensure compliance.

Tennova public information officer Stephanie Austin said implementing the company-wide program will ensure high-quality care for emergency room patients who are treated in the busiest department in the hospital.

Decreased wait times will not result in patients being rushed through the emergency room, according to Foss and Austin.

Also from The Banner…

Three Cleveland Utilities employees may have saved the life of a woman after they reportedly witnessed a man attempting to strangle her with a cord.

According to Bradley County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Brian Graves, the men were on duty in a utility truck Monday when they saw a shirtless male strangling the woman with a white cord as the couple walked down Tennessee Nursery Road, N.W.

The three employees, who wish to remain anonymous, told the Cleveland Daily Banner they were in a utility vehicle going about their workday when they passed the couple.

The driver turned the truck around to head back, and 911 was called.

The report stated by the time the truck had turned around, the man was no longer strangling the woman, but the two were still arguing. The three workers, who have worked for the utility for a combined 32 years, kept watch from a short distance to ensure authorities got there quickly.

Arriving within minutes, the Cleveland Police Department quickly defused the situation, and had placed the woman’s companion in a police cruiser by the time the utility workers approached. They then gave statements to police.

A CPD officer made contact with woman at the entrance of Fletcher Park and observed she had been crying. The woman told the officer she wanted her boyfriend, Blake Duckworth, 18, of 3725 Gamble Road, Georgetown, to “leave her alone.”

Duckworth was placed in custody and transported to the Bradley County Jail on suspicion of aggravated assault. A phone cord was kept as evidence and brought to the CPD.

Duckworth remains in custody at the Bradley County Jail. He is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Tuesday.

Cleveland Utilities supervisor of public relations Jamie Creekmore said the utility “has a lot of good folks” who work there. He wasn’t surprised the three had acted when they saw someone in distress. In fact, it is something CU employees have done before.

Several years ago, an employee performed the life-saving Heimlich maneuver on someone who was choking inside a restaurant. Another employee helped an elderly lady locate her dog after it had disappeared after a storm. He found the dog, which had been pinned down by some debris.

While CU employees can be depended on to keep  clean water running and electricity flowing, they are also there when people need help.