Mix TV Sports 04-29-22

UTC Mocs Lineman Cole Strange to the Patriots. Mocs first ever first round pick
UGA defense set a record with 5 first round picks
Amazon prime Thursday night football first game. Sept 15th Chargers at Chiefs | The game was announced during the NFL Draft
Braves 5 Cubs 1 | Braves at Rangers tonight 805 Mix 104.1?Driven by MV Nissan of Cleveland
NBA playoffs: The 76ers eliminated the Raptors | 76ers vs Miami
Suns eliminated the Pelicans. Next vs Mavericks
Mavericks eliminated the Jazz. 98-96
Tonight: Memphis at Minnesota 9pm ESPN. Memphis leads 3-2
Nascar at Dover Sunday 3pm Talk 101.3 The Buzz. Cleveland’s home for NASCAR presented by Fresh N Low