Mix TV Sports 03-30-22

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee met with state legislators to ask for $500 million in bonds for a new stadium for the Tennessee Titans. A new stadium could cost $2 billion, and the state money is contingent upon the stadium being enclosed and not an open air venue.
The NFL will now give both teams a possession during overtime in the postseason only, and then if nobody scores, it will be sudden death
As taxpayers prepare to settle up with Uncle Sam over their 2021 federal taxes due by the April 18 filing deadline, Tennesseans can take some solace in a new report showing the Volunteer State has the second-lowest tax burden among the 50 states. According to a study released Tuesday by the personal finance website, Tennessee’s tax burden for state and local taxes is equal to 5.75% of personal income, or one third less than the U.S. average and less than half the comparable burden in the top-taxing states like New York, Hawaii, Maine and Vermont. Tennessee is among nine states that don’t have a personal income tax and its local property tax burden is the second lowest of all states, equal to 1.71% of income. Alabama has the lowest average property tax burden of any state at only 1.4%, but Alabama, like Tennessee, has an above-average sales tax rate, WalletHub said.
High School Baseball: B.C. (7) Vs. Rhea Co. (2), McMinn Co. (4) vs. Ootlewah (0), Polk Co. (8) vs. CSAS (6), Kingston (12) vs. Meigs Co. (4), Louden (15) McMinn. Central (0)
High School Softball: WV (16) vs. Ootlewah (9), McMinn (4) vs. Cleveland (3)