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Major recall on popular cleaning product Fabuloso

From Local 3 News: The Consumer Product Safety Commission is issuing a recall Wednesday on a popular household cleaner, Fabuloso.


Fabuloso, the Colgate-Palmolive Company of New York, has pulled  more than 4.9 million bottles off store shelves.


UTC professor, Dr. Henry Spratts, says the problem stems from a type of bacteria called Pseudomonas.

Dr. Spratts said on a bio-hazard scale of one to four, this bacteria ranks a two.


“This is a cleaning product, it’s not designed to have those bacteria in it, there was a mistake made,” said Dr. Spratts.


The doctor says there are different types of Pseudomonas that can lead to serious infections when inhaled.

“One in particular is the aeruginosa and Fluorescens,” said Dr. Spratt. “It can be a very bad pathogen particularly to people who are immunocompromised.”


According to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission, Pseudomonas are found in water and soil. The Human body can become infected through eyes or through an open wound.


If you clean your countertops with this inside, Dr. Spratt says you may end up spreading the germ around your home.


“If somebody puts it into a spray bottle, that would generate an areosal, in which pseudomona and aeruginosa could cause respiratory infections,” Spratt stated.

Doctor Spratt says a Cystic Fibrosis patient with this disorder could die.


“Rarely can the consumer tell when bacteria is present in products like this,” he said. “What it takes is monitoring from agencies like the FDA.”


The recall includes products at most major retailers from December 2022 through January 2023.


The company will issue a full refund or free replacement of this product.


Recall Lot Code: 

– 2348US78-2365US78

– 3001US78-3023US78


In the meantime, you can create or purchase natural solutions for your home as an alternative.