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Local News for Wednesday, December 8th

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In news today…

The Bradley County Commission met on Monday covering several items of business. In regards to ARP funding, five local organizations have made contact to request minimal housing, giving presentations to explain why it was needed. A total of $800,000 for City FIelds was split between the city and county. A total of $600,000 for Habitat was also split between the city and county. A resolution was passed to request the District Attorney allow Bradley County to make a claim for the injuries to K9 Joker and demand restitution for all replacement costs. Also approved was a motion to approve 2021 HCI grant funding. A motion also passed to establish a policy for awarding nonprofits American Rescue Plan funds.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

State Sen. Todd Gardenhire (R-Chattanooga) announced on Friday he is filing legislation calling for pay equity for school board members in Tennessee.  

The legislation requires that pay and benefits for school-board members be set at the same rate provided to individuals serving on the local governing body.

In a press statement, Gardenhire said serving on the board of a school district was a “huge responsibility and time commitment that comes with making a variety of complex, difficult and weighty decisions.”

The senator said many school boards in Tennessee are not fairly compensated.  

Currently, Tennessee law requires school board members be compensated at least $3 per meeting, with the governing body having the final say on how much is paid above that minimum amount, according to Gardenhire.   

In June, members of the Bradley County Commission voted 11-3 to raise county school board pay by $100, raising monthly earnings to $300 per month for board members and $400 for the board’s chairman.

Cleveland City School Board of Education members receive $600 monthly. The chairman is paid $800 monthly.

Also from The Banner…

The cost of purchased power at Cleveland Utilities for October, as a percentage of retail sales, was 73%, compared to a budgeted percentage of 74% for fiscal year 2021, as announced on Friday by Marshall Stinnett, CU vice president and CFO.

The results for October were $7,562,841 in electric sales revenue,  which was offset by $5,518,844 in purchased power. This resulted in an operating margin of $2,043,997,  compared to a budgeted margin of $1,873,814.

Operating expenses for October were $1,688,834, compared to a budgeted operating expense of $1,882,858.

The electric division serviced 32,339 customers during October.

The net income for the month was $530,863, compared to budgeted net income of $126,184, according to Stinnett.