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Local News for Tuesday, August 9th

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Topping our news today…

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From NewsChannel 9…

A man convicted in the 2020 death of a Cleveland man will now spend less time in prison.

In Bradley County court Monday, Matthew David Thomas’s first-degree murder life sentence was changed to a second-degree murder 15-year sentence.

Now the family of the victim, Chris Wingard, says justice for Chris has been denied.

In April 2020 39-year-old Wingard was found dead from several gunshots.

Authorities later caught up with Thomas after he crashed his car on the exit 25 ramp of Interstate 75.

A police report revealed that Thomas and Wingard were in a dispute at the time Wingard was shot and killed on Clemmer Street.

In news today…

The Cleveland City Council met on Monday covering several items of business. City Manager Joe Fivas gave several updates, including on a Jetport Grant for over $200,000, which may be used for hangar space. An overview was given of the Inman Street Diet Implementation, reducing four lanes to three lanes, with two traffic lanes and a turn lane in the center. This has been shown to reduce crashes by up to 47%. It also allows space for parking, bike lanes, and improved emergency response. Traffic lights and poles at all intersections will be updated to use metal poles and newer technology. The total estimated cost of Phase 1 will be $649,966. Phase 2 will be repaving, with Phase 3 being for pedestrian traffic. A resolution was passed authorizing the Mayor to sign an interlocal agreement with Bradley County in connection with the annexation of 23 acres on New Murraytown Road for 124 single-family residential units. Sharon Marr discussed a new Restaurant Grant for restaurants in the downtown area. The grant has three components and is a 12-month engagement with Proof. Food and beverage entrepreneurs are invited to attend a workshop on September 12th. It is a $500 value and offered free through the grant program. Attendees will have access by phone and also in person visits with Proof professionals over the next 12 months. There is also an opportunity for 5 entrepreneurs to participate in an eight week course with Proof professionals.

Also in news today…

The Bradley County Commission met on Monday covering several items of business. During the meeting, Commissioner Peak recognized a representative from Republic in regards to the landfill. Republic would like to propose a package along with liquid solidification, a monthly basis would provide a report for all types of liquid waste received for solidification and disposal. Republic is currently taking solidified liquid waste per their contract, but wants the option to perform the solidification themselves.