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Lawsuit cancels fireworks at Athens Regional Park this July 4th

From NewsChannel 9: The City of Athens released a statement yesterday that said there will not be a city-hosted fireworks show at the Athens Regional Park on July 4th this year.


A man’s pending lawsuit against several city officials over what happened at last year’s event was cited as the reason.


Athens resident Glen Whiting claims he was confronted, harassed, and assaulted at the 2022 fireworks event at the park by city officials, police officers, firefighters, and other guests.


The park was closed to the public, but open to city officials and employees, who were allowed to bring guests. Whiting was one of those guests. However, the public was allowed and encouraged to view the fireworks from nearby businesses and parking lots. 


Whiting says in his suit he wanted to videotape the event, so he could share with the public what went on and how they were not allowed to enter the park. 


Whiting is asking for a jury trial in this case and is asking for a damage award of just $1.


He’s also asking for punitive damages to “discourage similar behavior in the future”