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Country Club nearly fails inspection after food was being stored too long

From Local 3 News: There are no failing scores to report this week, however one Bradley County restaurant nearly failed after dishes were not being fully cleaned.

The Cleveland Country Club Restaurant on Kyle Lane scored a 73.

According to the inspector, there were clear bottles of liquid not properly labeled at the grill.

Containers of food and to-go containers were being stored on the floor.

The inspector said food was not being thawed properly.

Food was being stored past the seven-day disposal date; the restaurant had to throw away 15 pounds of old food.

In order to prevent cross-contamination the inspector said the restaurant needs to move raw foods away from ready-to-eat foods.

The inspector saw utensils being stored dirty and dishes not being pre-scraped before being washed also being stored dirty.

Employees were seen drinking from improper cups and also improperly wearing jewelry.

If you have a question about a restaurant, hotel, pool or gym – call your local health department.