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Cleveland High School principal proposes schedule change at school board meeting

During the Cleveland City School Board meeting on Monday, the results of the systemwide evaluation for the Director of Schools, Dr. Russell Dyer were released. The evaluations were collected anonymously and included a scale of 1-4. 


Here are the calculated results: 

Director and Board relations- 3.38

Community relations- 3.43

Staff relations- 3.57

Finance and operations- 3.57

Instructional leadership- 3.64


Dr. Dyer’s total score was 3.4 out of a possible score of 4. 


The board also discussed Cleveland High School’s Academic Schedule.


CHS Principal, Bob Pritchard presented to the board a possible change to the master schedule at CHS. The change would mean students will attend most classes all school year long instead of following a traditional block and semester schedule.  With all-year classes, students are exposed to content for a longer period of time and research shows learning loss is diminished.


Under the new schedule, students would attend fewer classes in a day, but spend more time in those class periods. Students would alternate between classes and subjects depending on the day of the week. The term “all year” does not mean extending the school year or going to school during the summer months, it simply refers to the entire school year- August through May. Principal Pritchard is asking parents for feedback before making a final determination and encourages anyone with questions to contact the school.