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Cleveland dealing with overload of tires dumped along roadways

From the Chattanoogan: Cleveland officials said they are dealing with an overload of used tires being dumped along roadways.


“They are dumped at random places across the city on a daily basis,” Tommy Myers, public works director, said.


He said two loads of tires were dumped along Poplar Street last week.


A beautification group in Bradley County said it picked up 11,533 dumped tires since November 2021, while focusing on Exit 20 of I-75.


Robert Varnell, senior transportation planner for the city, told the Cleveland City Council that the problem seems to lie with “mom and pop” used tire dealers. He said certain haulers “are getting tires from somebody and not taking them to where they are suppose to be taken.”

He said dumped tires are unsightly and health hazards, harboring mosquitoes, rodents “and other varmits.”


Mr. Varnell said it has been suggested that tires be used for garden planters, but he said tires give off unsafe chemicals that leak into the soil and get into the food supply.


He said one option for the dumping problem would be to set up requirements for haulers to have to maintain records of pickup locations and final destinations.


Mr. Varnell said under state law the Bradley County Landfill is the official disposal site for tires within Bradley County.


Mayor Kevin Brooks, a former state legislator, said the law was set up that a fee be charged on tire disposal and that the money be forwarded to the state – with a portion going back to the counties.


He said, “Tire shredders were supposed to have been supplied to the counties, but the shredders never appeared.”


Mayor Brooks added, “The current system is not working.”


Officials said some individuals who have taken tires to the Bradley County Landfill have been turned away.


Instead of burying the tires, the landfill transfers tires to Liberty Tire Recycling, it was stated.