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Cleveland City Council Meetings 11-14-22

Cleveland, Tenn. | Bradley County Tenn.


The Council recognized the Lady Raider Volleyball Team for winning a state championship with a resolution. 

Also during the meeting, the Cleveland City Police Department welcomed 6 new officers to the force. Mayor Kevin Brooks swore in the new officers during the meeting. 

The Council also heard from City Manager Joe Fivas on the difficulty of hiring new employees. Fivas said the issue is being felt at all levels of City government. 

Fivas said in the past when the City advertised for an open position, they would get 50-60 responses. Now, he said, the city may get just one or two responses. 

Fivas said the City is studying ways to help the staffing shortages. 

The City Council approved a $150 Christmas bonus for employees – up from $100. 

Mr. Fivas said the extra $50 will cost the city around $15,000.

 The next City Council meeting is November 28th