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Chattanooga Police create new task force to aid in response to Chattanooga nightlife crime

From Local 3 News: Police are taking steps to respond to violent areas in Chattanooga.


The Chattanooga Police Department announced during its weekly press conference that it will be staffing a new crime task force.


The department says they are making a staffing model to address the entertainment district and other venues across the city. This comes a week after Mayor Tim Kelly signed an executive order changing the last call time, and closing time – no longer allowing open containers on Station Street.


Police say their team will be prepared to respond to any violent calls near Chattanooga nightlife.


CPD says the unit will be a team of officers that will aid in the fluency and response to issues in the area. They say having officers in the area where violence might occur will help to be more proactive, or help others feel more secure while hanging out and enjoying Chattanooga nightlife.