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Chamber of Commerce Introduces New Director of Workforce Development

We were joined by Mike Griffin Daniell Seals the new director of workforce development at the Chamber of Commerce.

The Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce adds Danielle Seals as Director of Workforce Development.

The Chamber added another familiar face within the non-profit community to the staff in Danielle Seals. Danielle will lead as the Workforce Development director. As a critical member of the Economic Development team, she will support the existing business community of Cleveland and Bradley County and work collaboratively with area partners to develop and advance workforce initiatives that strengthen and expand the talent pool of our region. In addition, Seals will play a pivotal role in the growth and partnership between local education and the surrounding workforce. She will coordinate and direct programs to make these efforts possible.
“This particular Chamber position is crucial for the partnerships that we have cultivated over many years between local education and the existing workforce. Danielle brings with her the experience of building community relationships and showcasing quality communication skills. She will not only strengthen those relationships but also enhance the education and possibilities the future workforce will have access to,” said Mike Griffin, Chamber president & CEO. “Having Danielle on the Chamber’s team truly bolsters the ability and potential we have as an organization.”