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OFFICIAL MEDIA RELEASE On Tuesday, October 13, 2015, Lee University student, Olayinka Opaso, from Nigeria, age 18, confessed to a senior Lee University official about his involvement in the Yik Yak post describing potential threats to Lee University students. Opaso was immediately placed into custody by the Campus Security Director, Matt Brinkman. Mr. Brinkman transported Opaso to the Cleveland Police Department where Opaso was interviewed by Cleveland Police Department Investigators, Lieutenant Robert Harbison and Detective Cody Hinson. Action taken by Lee University personnel to have extra police presence on campus brought attention to the matter, thus leading to the suspect’s confession. Opaso is currently in custody and being charged with Commission of act of terrorism, which is a Class A felony. Olayinka Opaso Lee U Post Threat Suspect Officer Evie West Public Information Officer Cleveland Police Department 100 Church Street N.E. Cleveland, TN 37311 (423)559-3305 (Office)