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Bradley County School Board Meeting 05-04-23

Bradley County School Board 

May 4th, 2023

2023-24 Budget Work Meeting

Presentation by (Susan Gatson)

TISA will replace BEP as state funding model

BEP was intended to provide Basic Education Needs “the basics to operate schools”

TISA based on ADM’s for BASE funding, everything else in TISA formula relates to specific needs of students


• State Revenue

% Our April TISA estimate was

589.100,297. Based on our fiscal capacity estimates, the state’s portion of that will be $68,801,634.

We are projecting that FY24 Property Tax will remain the same as

FY23 actuals. The reason we do not expect an increase is due to the equalization ratio being applied by the State. (This occurs every 4 years, but the rate is usually much lower)

After discussions with the Mayor, we are projecting growth but we anticipate the 28.05% equalization ratio will negate any additional revenue from that growth.

• Local Revenue

We are projecting that FY24 Local Option Sales Tax will increase by 5.57% over current year actuals. That number is calculated based on historical growth and the current economic market.

We are projecting our Payment in Lieu of Taxes to be reduced by $70, 671 from current year actuals due to a decrease in assessment values and personal property depreciation.


WFTEADA(weighted ADA) affects our local revenue as well due to the percentage split with the City School System. This number has historically been a snapshot of the ADA’s for the first three 20 day periods, and we believe that process is being continued.

Keep in mind that this number is not only dependent on our attendance, and the timely and accurate coding of CTE and SPED students, but it is also dependent on the same criteria at the city.

Our new WFTEADA numbers are down by about .33%. While that doesn’t sound like much, the adjustment for this year cost the district around $142,879 spread across local revenues. The new rate was also applied to our FY24 projections.


32.19% LOCAL

67.6% STATE

.16% FEDERAL (ROTC budget)


• Funding Step Raises (approximately $630,000)

• Funding a 4% across the board raise for all salaried employees.

(approximately $2,500,000)

• Matching or exceeding surrounding district scales (approximately $3,300,000)

Total added to existing employee salaries $6,430,000

• ESSER positions coming back to GPS – approximately $890,000

• IDEA positions coming to GPS – approximately $3 15,000• New positions due to GROWTH in ADM numbers and

Learning Loss/ Acceleration goals – TISA recommendations – approximately $1,232,000* PIE Instruction/Operation staff – fully operational FY24 – approximately $483,550


• Funding a 6% Health Insurance Increase. This will not be voted on until later this month, but chis is what we are projecting. (costs approximacoly

$750,000)• Adding $100,000 to Copy/Maintenance/Repair allocations sent to schools at the beginning of year•

New Bus Contract recommendation – increase of $580,000•

Edgenuity (virtual school platform) – formerly in ESSER $161,492•

Technology Refresh – $800,000

• Funding over $4 Million for Capital Ouday including

Building Improvements (building/grounds $1,677,164)

~ Transportation/Technology $212,500

Undesignated (General Maintenance) $118,168

~ Banc of America Energy Payment $424,549

Safety Upgrades $1,605,341

The complete Capital Outlay list has been vetted by both our school principals and the Capital Outlay Committee. That recommendation is included in this budget.


*The Undesignated Fund Balance is currently around 6.5%. We anticipate after our year-end roll to increase that to approximately 9.2% which equates to $9,432,390.

FUNDS 177 & 145

As we near the completion of the construction phase of the PIE Center and move into full operation, we will need to close out Fund 177 and begin operating in Fund 145 after July 1.

The budgets for both of these Funds are included for your review and questions.


•The balanced budgets presented today are a collaboration of many stakeholders. Thank you to Dr. Cash and the Board of Education for their hard work and the willingness to make some very bold financial decisions for the bettermenc of our employees and school district.

Thank you to the County Commission, Mayor’s Office, Trustee’s Office and Assessor’s Office for working together to support education and be good stewards of taxpayer money

All felt very strongly about safety while going through budget. Linda Cash asks to move through safety recommendation by Scottie Hernandez and other safety officers

BCHS-secured front entrance, Key FOBS and maglocks on remaining doors, high tech fences, handrails for football field

Hopewell- lighting under awnings

GOAL academy- intercom system finished by july 1

Michigan avenue- secured front entrance

Oak Grove- new front office, moving staffeteria

Ocoee Middle- replacing front gates with handle-strike locks

PIE CENTER- flashing cross-guard

Prospect- keyless door access to office

Taylor elm- key fob entry on all exterior doors and fence for playground

WVHS- front gate, new cameras at tennis court

All safety upgrades roughly $1.6 million

Bradley CO. rated among highest in terms of safe schools in the state of TN

BUS CONTRACT (proposed) (Dr. Cash read extremely fast

Offered to begin July 1 (4 years through June 2027)

$1.90 per mile

Pay begins when first student is picked up and ends when last student is dropped off

All route paid 60 mile minimum

Base fuel price 5$/gal for diesel

Board agrees to liability insurance for one bus per route