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Bradley County School Board Meeting 03-17-22

Live stream courtesy of Bradley County Schools

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1. Dell Student TechCrew
Student Representatives from Lake Forest Middle School (Dakota Nicemonger and Joseph Horner) Bradley High School spoke about their recent certification in ‘Dell Student TechCrew’, an online course that teaches students IT work. The course is a credit class that students are taking all over the county. There is a plan to put a center in the Pie Center that focuses on this program.
2. Unveiling of the new GOAL Academy Logo
Colby Burris redesigned the logo for GOAL Academy that incorporates the color blue from Walker Valley and the color black from Bradley Central. The logo also includes an eagle.
3. Teacher Tenure Recommendations
80 teachers were considered for this year’s tenure.
4. Capital Outline Committee
The board discussed the capital outline and the process each request goes through.
4. Radios for Schools
464 radios were purchased working in conjunction with the COPS grant that purchased radios over internet protocol. There will be at least 29 radios at each school.
5. Conclave

A certification program taken by students to become code enforcers and building officials was approved by. the board.

6. Hopewell Project

The board negotiated prices with the Wright Brothers on the ‘Hopewell Project’ that is meant to put in outdoor courts for children to play on. The drainage system for Bradley High School was also discussed.
1. Emergency Closing Policy
Motion was to accept TSBA model policy on health-related school closures. The motion was to review and update these procedures based on recent health reasons.


2. Tobacco/Drug Use in Schools
Motion was to change the authority to issue citations to students for tobacco/drug use from principals to SROs. The motion directly reflects TSBA policies.
3. Email Communication
There was a motion to accept the TSBA rules for email communication.
4. Protection of Logos/School Sponsored events
Motion was to change policy to have sponsors consult the board first before displaying a school logo at an event. This is put in place to protect school logos.