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Bradley County Commission voting session recap

The Bradley County Commission met yesterday for a voting session.   Here are the highlights of yesterday’s meeting:  2nd District Co

The Bradley County Commission met yesterday for a voting session.


Here are the highlights of yesterday’s meeting: 

2nd District Commissioner Louie Alford presented a memorandum from the Sheriff’s Office detailing plans to utilize grant funding for Vigilant License Plate Readers. These readers, to be strategically positioned at six locations countywide, aim to enhance public safety by aiding in the identification of missing children, Blue Alerts, Silver Alerts, Amber Alerts, and stolen vehicles. 


The proposal passed unanimously, with Commissioners emphasizing the camera’s focus on safety rather than surveillance.


A resolution proposed by 5th District Commissioner Cindy Slater authorized negotiations for Corretrak application software to be utilized by the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office. The agreement with Dynamic Imaging Systems Inc., amounting to $56,102 over three years. The resolution received unanimous approval.


1ST District Commissioner Daniel Beaty proposed a resolution committing funds of up to $15.1 million for the construction of a new academic building at Hopewell Elementary School and cafeteria expansion. The resolution also included other school initiatives including $1.8 million in funding for work on the track at Bradley Central High School. The original motion stipulated that the work on the track would begin after the completion of the construction at Hopewell Elementary. 


2nd District Commissioner Louie Alford made a substitute motion aimed at adjusting the timing of the funding for the track work at BCHS. Commissioners originally voted down the proposal. After the vote, several Commissioners asked to change their vote. A re-vote ensued, resulting in a 10-3 approval of Alford’s substitute motion. This means the track work can begin before the Hopewell project is complete, if Commissioners vote to do so. 


1ST District Commissioner Mike Hughes presented a resolution authorizing legal actions to address zoning violations at 440 Old Powerline Road NE. Following discussions on property usage and zoning regulations, 3rd District Commissioner Milan Blake offered a substitute motion to refer the matter to the Planning Commission for further review. The substitute motion was passed and the matter will now be heard by the planning commission.


7th District Commissioner Bill Winters proposed a motion to inquire about the compliance status of Coyote Pass Chicken Farm with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. This action, prompted by concerns raised by neighboring residents, passed unanimously. 


The Commission will next meet for a work session on Tuesday, May 28th at 7 PM.