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Bradley County Commission meeting recap

The Bradley County Commission met yesterday for a work session.


Adam Lewis, Mayor Gary Davis’s Assistant gave the commission an update on the Septic Repair Program in the Mayor’s absence- 207 properties have been processed, 11 sewer hookups have been completed, 74 permits have been issued, 69 contracts have been signed, 28 projects have been completed for homeowners in Bradley County. 


Commissioners also learned that the City of Charleston has finished pickleball and basketball courts and is simply waiting for the basketball goals to go up. 


First District Commissioner Mike Hughes brought a resolution to the full commission to rezone a property located at 2929 Harrison Pike from Forestry/Agricultural/Residential to a C-3, which is considered a Highway Commercial zone. Hughes explained to the commission that the plan was presented to the Planning Commission and it failed unanimously. The resolution will still be placed on the next voting agenda for the full commission. 


The next voting session of the Commission will be held on May 15th at noon.