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Bradley County Commission Meeting 10-17-22


First, the Commission is accepting resumes to fill the 6th District Constable position vacated after the recent resignation of Tim Colbaugh. By state law, the County Commission must appoint a new Constable to fill the remainder of the former constable’s term. Any citizen residing in the 6th District with the required training and wishes to be considered for the position should apply to the County Commission by the December 5th County Commission meeting. Commissioners voted 12-0 to send a letter to Republic Services asking them to start accepting cash at the Bradley County Landfill. Cash not being accepted at the landfill has been a subject several constituents have brought before the commission.  Commissioners also created a Recreation Ad Hoc Committee. The committee will work to “determine how Bradley County can increase activities, create more participation,  better equip facilities and increase the revenue of the Bradley County Parks and Recreation Department.  The Commission also approved a proposal from the Insurance Committee that allows full-time county employees to choose one of four health insurance options from Cigna at a guaranteed 12-month cost to the county that will not exceed $712.41 per month for each employee enrolled.

10/17/22 – Bradley County Commission Voting Session Agenda
Coverage of the 10/17/22 – Bradley County Commission Voting Session
1 – Call to Order
2 – Invocation
3 – Pledge of Allegiance
4 – Roll Call
5 – Approval of Minutes
6 – Report from County Mayor
7 – Consent Agenda
8 – Reports from Committees and/or Districts
9 – Unfinished Business
10 – Approval of Agenda
11 – Agenda Items
A – Motion to send a letter to Republic Services requesting a cash policy at the landfill.
B – Resolution authorizing the County Mayor to continue coverage with Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company to provide health insurance benefits for Bradley County employees.
C – Resolution to establish the Recreation Ad Hoc Committee
D – Public Hearing – Resolution to rezone from FAR to C-2 General Commercial property located at Newton Road SE.
E – Public Hearing – Resolution to amend the Bradley County Zoning resolution to remove two family dwellings and duplexes as a use permitted in the FAR and R-1 Rural Residential districts.
12 – Communication from the audience