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Bradley County Commission Meeting 05-23-23




Mayor’s Notes:

During the recent county commission meeting, three resolutions were discussed. The first resolution was to allow the Assessor’s office to work more efficiently with the Register of Deeds Office. The other two resolutions dealt with Rich Kinlan’s probation program. They were asking to change companies on monitoring system and software and will get fiscal notes added to the next voting.

Septic Report Update:

The commission discussed the Septic Report update, which revealed that 226 properties are in the process, 13 sewer hookups, 91 permits issued, 77 signed contracts, and 33 completed and inspected projects. They will likely be asking to approve the remainder of $115k allocated in the bucket for further use.


The Hughes Solid Waste/Landfill Committee met and discussed various things, including the monitoring of the runoff odors. The four monitors generate over 2000 pages of reports per month. The committee has requested the commission to send a letter requesting EnviroSuite to send a monthly one-page report/overview. The committee also voted to recommend the mayor’s office assume the point of contact for EnviroSuite contract as his staff are handling the onsite duties. Both recommendations placed on the first June voting meeting.

Water Meter Issue:

A woman spoke about an issue she is having with her water meter showing a significantly higher usage than seems possible and some extra charges since this happens. She used Ocoee Utilities and has been to several of their meetings and tried to speak with them about the several thousand dollar bill. The commission discusses options.


The commission recognized National EMS Week and thanked the local EMS for what they do for Bradley County. They also announced upcoming events such as the Road Committee meeting on May 30th and the Legislative Town Hall with Senator Adam Lowe on May 30th. It was also announced that the county offices would be closed on May 29th in observance of Memorial Day, and the next commission meeting is on Monday, June 5th at 7 pm.