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Bradley County Commission Meeting 02-06-23

The Bradley County Commission met last night at the courthouse. 

The Mayor gave an update on the Septic System Repair Cost Share Program. 73 properties are currently in process, 6 potential sewer hookups have been requested, 5 permits have been issued, and 2 contracts are in place. 

The Commission voted 14-0 on a proposal from County Mayor Gary Davis that was a recommendation from the Industrial Development Board to approve a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT) agreement for SK Food Group. The agreement exempts the company from ad valorem property taxes but does require 50% property tax payments on what is considered “real property” through 2040. 

The commission also voted,14-0 to approve the county’s new hazard mitigation plan. The plan summarizes how well the county’s prepared to respond to disasters.

The Commission also voted 14-0 on a resolution to change the name of Hickory Road to Freeman Circle. 

The Road Committee made the recommendation to the Commission after a resident called 911 and the address on Hickory Road was showing outside of Bradley County in the 911 location service. The change should help confusion with other locations with the same street name.