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Bradley County Commission Meeting 01-17-23

The Bradley County Commission met yesterday and approved a resolution that appropriates $3,220,728 of American Rescue Plan funds for broadband expansion projects. The projects will be a partnership with Volunteer Energy Cooperative.

The resolution will provide the remaining funding needed for two high-speed intranet projects. Both projects are using a mixture of ARP, private funding from VEC, and grant money.

The first project will start in the Spring of 2023 and will provide approximately 867 people in the north end of the county with high-speed internet access. Bradley County received an $8 million grant last fall to assist in the funding of this project.

The second project will provide approximately 906 people on the south end of the county with high-speed internet. This project is contingent on the county receiving an $11 million grant from the State of Tennessee.

Mayor Gary Davis estimates that if the current broadband plans come to fruition, Bradley County will be getting approximately $23 million in broadband projects for a cost of under $4 million.

The Mayor also announced that the Septic System Cost Share program is now live and accepting applications. Approximately 20 residents have applied so far. Those wanting to apply can contact the Program Administrator, Matt Heath at MattHeath.we@gmail.com

Commissioners also voted 14-0 to send a letter to the Bradley County Landfill’s Management asking to explain the recent increase in the price of disposing tires. The price increased from less than $2 to $10 per tire.

The commission approved a recommendation from the Road Committee to place rumble strips, change the flashing yellow light to a flashing red light, and place a stop sign at the intersection of Candies Creek Ridge Ridge Road and Olde Georgetown Road.