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Bradley County Broadband Update

We were joined in the Mix 104 studios by Adam Lewis with the Bradley County Government to share updates on the current improvements of the broadband infrastructure in the county.  They are asking the public to submit feedback online for your address if you are home without fast-speed internet. Follow the instructions below.


Billions of dollars in state and federal aid have been made available in recent years for the purpose of expanding broadband internet access in rural areas across our country where reliable service is lacking.
These funds are made available through grants, many of which Bradley County has participated in. The awarding of these grant funds relies on a number of factors, with the largest of these being the national FCC map showing service areas and availability. This map has been terribly inaccurate for many years presenting a challenge for regions like Bradley County to receive funding for legitimately underserved areas.
Recently the FCC unveiled a new map, giving the public the opportunity to check their home or business address for accuracy. This is a huge step in the right direction for properly dispersing these funds where they are most needed.
We are asking the public to participate in helping to improve the accuracy of the map here in Bradley County. Doing so will help ensure funding becomes available for areas previously unawarded here in our community.
Below are instructions for how to locate your address to confirm service, or submit a challenge to the accuracy of the map.
How to Find Your Address and Challenge a Missing Address:
2 – Type your address into the search bar.
3 – On the right side of the screen, a panel will appear showing what the FCC has for your location and service information.
4 – If your address is not on the map, select the area in which your address should be, click “challenge location,” and follow the prompts to submit a location challenge. You will receive a confirmation email once your challenge has been received by the FCC.
How to Submit an Availability Challenge to the FCC:
1 – Once you’ve found your address on the map, view the service information on the right-side panel.
2 – If the information is incorrect, select “availability challenge.”
3 – You can then select the providers you would like to challenge.
4 – Follow the prompts to complete the challenge.
This is a complicated issue, and the timeline of bringing reliable and affordable broadband internet access to Bradley County continues to be a test of patience. But please know that progress IS being made. We expect to talk more about this in Monday’s County Commission Meeting, so please tune in at noon on Monday, January 9th.
With your help, we can continue to move the ball forward. Please take a few moments to check your address as we work with the FCC to improve this system for the future.
Please don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions or concerns.