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A new bill proposes changes to the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship

From WKRN in Nashville: A new bill could keep HOPE scholarship money flowing for early college graduates who are moving forward with their education and work hard to graduate early. 


The change would be for those receiving the scholarship. If they graduate early with their bachelor’s degree and move on to another program, they can keep getting the scholarship money.


However, there are some specifics. The student would have to move on to the next program, like a master’s degree, within three months of getting their bachelor’s.


The scholarship will also only last for however long the student would have gotten the scholarship had they not finished their degree early. 


To qualify for a HOPE scholarship The student needs to live in Tennessee, graduate from an eligible school, score a 21 on their ACT, have a 3.0 or higher, and more.


In order to become law, the bill must make its way through both the House and Senate.


The bill is being carried by Majority Leader, William Lamberth in the House.